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Signature Mosaïc is a dynamic signage solution with multiple features and benefits.

Capture the attention of your colleagues or clients with a rich and dynamic display.


Easily display your media on screens.

Take advantage of the power of videos and images to make your message stand out. You can also easily view Office documents and web pages. 

Discover the power of digital signage features and benefits in action, with just a few clicks.

Images - Videos

Display images and videos on your screen with a simple drag and drop. 


View PDF, Word, Excel files in seconds by dragging and dropping them from your PC onto the Signature Mosaïc portal.

Power point

Preserve PowerPoint transitions and animations because Signature Mosaïc automatically converts and downloads your file as a video.

Web content

Seamlessly view web pages, corporate network data dashboards, social media feeds, and more.

Signature Mosaïc allows you to easily program and supervise your screens.

Schedule your broadcasts on your screens in just a few seconds.

Monitor and supervise your fleet of screens remotely.

Get started in seconds

Distribute your content immediately thanks to our Plug & Play Signature Mosaïc player.

The Signature Mosaïc reader (box) is ready to be connected. It comes with everything you need and it's preconfigured for your WiFi.

No technical knowledge is required.

Our players support all standard resolutions including Full-HD or 4K / UHD. Do you have a different screen orientation? No problem, we take care of it.

Intuitive programming

Show different content at different times or on different days, to target specific groups of customers or consumers that you want to attract. The schedule modification is intuitive and is easily done thanks to our Timeline. Easily plan ahead, for the length of time you need.


Remote screen management

Manage your content and broadcast boxes directly from the online portal. Download, update and view new content remotely.


The same is true for software updates. They are carried out automatically on the Internet, which allows you to benefit from the new functionalities.

Our solution is extremely secure

Access to content and boxes is secure. Our protection protocols are reliable and powerful. You can use our solution with confidence and store your most valuable files there.

Give your employees limited access and use our workspaces feature to customize access to content and screens based on individual roles and permissions.

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