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The simplest digital signage on the market

A tool that simplifies communication on screens.

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Why choose
Mosaïc signature?

Signature Mosaïc is affordable and user-friendly, which means our users can get their content up and running on their screens in minutes. Since it is cloud-based, all content and screen management is handled remotely. This makes it easy to control and reliably update screens across multiple locations.

This tool has been designed for both corporate and advertising communication.

Show attention-grabbing content

Ideal for making your marketing campaigns a real success

Display your media on screen in seconds with our channel system.

Create channels (just like on TV) and program them on the right screens at the right times. 
Harness the power of videos and images to make your message memorable.
Combine your usual commercial files with content from the web for a striking graphic composition.

Programming for a screen is as easy as for a group of screens.

The solution is powerful and adapts to the growth of your company and its fleet of screens.
The chain system allows you to change your screen display with just a few clicks.

A secure solution accessible from anywhere.

Our solution respects your company's security protocols.
The different access levels allow the administrator to assign access rights to his employees. You can protect some resources and share others.

An intelligent Timeline to plan your broadcasts up to 1 year in advance.

Drag and drop your media onto the Timeline, preview the final rendering, and publish to your screens.
Anticipated programming will allow you to save time and not to forget important events (programming a message for the new year for example).

How the solution works

By subscribing to our offer, you will receive a box and access to the content management web application.

Player Signature Mosaïc

A Signature Mosaïc customer account

Hosted in the cloud and accessible from around the world, it allows you to manage your screen fleet from anywhere.

In order to work intelligently and with others, we have integrated workspaces. This makes it possible to share content and isolate others. You can also manage the rights and roles of your users via your Signature Mosaïc administrator account.

One Plug & Play box per screen

It plugs in behind every screen you want to take control of. This box makes it possible to convert all the screens on the market into dynamic displays. 

You will be able to broadcast your commercial campaigns there in real time.

It is small (we send it to you by parcel) and it fits discreetly behind the screens.

One or more screens 

Our solution allows you to convert any screen into a dynamic display. This independence between the screen and the box allows you to save on material and to be free to choose the broadcasting medium that best suits your ambition.

However if you don't have a screen to reuse and if you are lost among the many offers on the market, read our comprehensive blog post on how to " Choose your digital signage screen ".

Order and quickly receive your box 

Tell us how many screens you want to control.

Receive one box per screen.

Plug in the boxes and admire your programming!

Do you want to discuss it?

Thank you for what you sent !

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