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Manage your screens from the Signature Mosaïc web application

Simple but powerful. You can manage your display from your Signature Mosaïc space. Getting started is quick and no computer knowledge is required.

The application for managing your Signature Mosaïc digital signage is secure and accessible from anywhere. 

You can create animated visuals in a few clicks and program them instantly on one or more screens. 

The web platform allows you to download your usual presentation files and transform them into animated media to draw attention to your screens. 

You can use your media images, videos, urls and even your PowerPoints presentations to compose your dynamic displays.

It is also possible to connect your business applications in order to distribute your metrics and dashboards.

Our tool is designed to adapt to all trades and their specificities. It is modular and will meet your prerequisites. 

When creating your Signature Mosaïc customer space, you will be able to invite employees. You can assign them different rights and roles depending on their functions in your company and its organization.

Our collaborative platform does not require specific knowledge in IT, video editing or others. The handling of the tool is done intuitively. Managing communication on its screens becomes less time-consuming and much more pleasant. Especially since you can schedule your broadcasts up to a year in advance. It saves time and energy because you can already plan your communication plan for important periods such as Christmas, New Year's Day, etc. The planning we offer is simple and smart. You can schedule a broadcast and change it at the last moment with a few clicks. Our tool will adapt to your changes in real time.  

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