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The box
Mosaic signature
transforms your screens into dynamic displays

The Signature Mosaïc case is universal and adapts to all the screens on the market behind which it hides discreetly. It communicates, on the one hand, with the Internet to receive the content and, on the other hand, with the screen to display them.

It is a real tool for storing and managing local data.

The Player is a kind of mini-computer which stores the various media to be displayed locally. It retrieves media and all broadcast related information (times, days, duress, etc.) using a network connection.

Once the download is done, the Player displays what it has downloaded. The broadcast often consumes the same media over and over.

Downloading is only lighter and cheaper. The Player communicates with the internet only to find out if there are any updates to be made. If so, it downloads the new information, otherwise it doesn't open a connection.

The interest is multiple. The bandwidth consumption is optimized and very inexpensive and, in the event of a network outage, the display is guaranteed, since the elements are local.


However, this does not cover all cases. When you want to display a Twitter feed or any other content that requires an internet connection, the Player in offline mode can no longer display this content. Our competitors do not manage this type of case, which is however frequent.

What pushes the users to abandon the flows coming from the web whereas these are very advantageous for their communications.

This is precisely where our solution comes in! It covers this problem.

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